Running for 15 years, Unity Fest is Unity’s annual flagship event series that celebrates and showcases the excellence and authenticity that exists in the Canadian Hip Hop community. Originally focused within the Greater Toronto Area, Unity Fest events now span across the country and creates opportunities for youth and artists to engage with the broader community and further develop their own audiences. Unity Fest acts as a ‘goal post’ for many other Unity programs and events, and is the most advanced professional, performance event and platform that Unity provides to youth, artists, and community members.

UNITY Fest Impact

From 2019-23
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UNITY Fest Sponsors

From 2019-23
Ontario Arts Council
Toronto Arts Council
Government of Canada
BMO Capital Markets
Ventera Realty
TD Securities
Sherrard Kuzz LLP
Amazon Music Canada
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I went on stage, scared and confused, and one of their performers came up to me and said “you know why you are here, because you have a lot to say, so here is the microphone!” All of a sudden, I heard only the crowd. I could breathe air in my lungs, feeling the confidence as I exhaled. It was the greatest experience and a total confidence booster.”
— UNITY Youth
Having a dedicated space that’s really well curated, or built or facilitated can make all the difference in [...] how willing and able you are to practice your art.
— UNITY Youth
Always a source of joy and tolerance and being in the moment with it, it felt really good to have that kind of community to back me up whenever I wanted to explore things, whenever I wanted to question things, whenever I wanted to show off my art form or learn from my missteps. Having that kind of safety net made me feel very comfortable and it was really one of the best things to happen to me during this phase of my life.
— UNITY Youth

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