Team Building

Research on workplace trends have shown that employees are feeling stressed and isolated. As the world continues to change around us, organizations continue to pivot and make tough decisions, creating a need to build stronger relationships and trust amongst employees. That's where we come in. Our Collab & Flow workshops are designed to help your team build back stronger together so they can be more mindful, more productive and more engaged in their work and with each other -- ultimately helping your organization boost productivity and bounce back from any challenges.

School Programs


A Unity Week begins with an hour-long inspirational assembly for your whole school, in which Unity Artist Educators share honest and real personal stories via performances, skits and video presentations that encourage youth to discover a positive outlet for expression. In the week following the assembly, class-sized groups are offered 8 workshops in Hip-Hop, Break-Dancing, Spoken Word poetry, Graffiti, and Beatboxing that challenge school students to express themselves creatively while learning something new, and perhaps stepping out of their comfort zone with their peers.

In-Class Workshops

Unity offers schools tailored, in-class programming to complement and support all types of curricula (ie. arts, physical education, health, leadership). Our team will work with the needs of your school, and can customize short-term packages of 6-12 workshops that introduce Hip Hop art forms and focus on themes such as:

  • Coping Strategies & Stress Management, Self regulation (Emotional Awareness/Mindfulness)
  • Social Interaction (Teamwork/ Collaboration)
  • Risk Taking (Stepping outside of Comfort zones)
  • Developing Creativity, Confidence, Leadership,
  • Goal setting & Wellness Evaluation
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Event Services

Book a Unity Presented Artist for
  • Performances and showcases
  • Hosting
  • DJing

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