Developing resilience among youth through Hip Hop.

We are a non-profit organization that builds resilience among youth through free Hip Hop programs.

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Who We Are

Unity is a national charity that helps youth (ages 13-29) develop resilience through free Hip Hop-based programs, and provides development and employment opportunities to young emerging Hip Hop artists across Canada.
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What We Do

We inspire, engage, and empower youth.

Our work begins with Inspire outreach programs where Hip Hop community champions promote Hip Hop art forms as mediums for expression, overcoming obstacles and finding connection.

Youth are then invited into our weekly Engage programs where they build confidence, meaningful relationships, and transferable 21st century skills, contributing to the development of overall resilience.

Finally, youth & emerging artists are invited to access Empower initiatives that develop creative industry employability skills and support exploration of adjacent community spaces, events, and careers within and beyond Unity.
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How We Do It

We Collaborate

Unity partners with municipal, provincial and federal government agencies and art councils, school boards, private funding partners and more than 40 local arts and youth organizations across Canada, to deliver our signature Hip Hop-based programming, workshops and performances.

We Meet Youth Where They Are

Unity’s programs are designed to address the unique needs of youth facing challenges in household income, access to specialized and relevant programming, and access to well-being support services. To eliminate the two most commonly cited systemic barriers to participation (cost and proximity), every program at Unity is offered completely free and our partnerships bring programming to youth in their local communities.

We Create the Building Blocks of Resilience

Unity’s program structure provides access to external protective factors and our tailored curriculum design supports the development of internal protective factors to help youth build up resilience.

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Our Impact

From 2019-22



Youth were inspired through Unity Weeks and the annual Unity Fest



Of youth learned positive ways to express their stress



Of youth gained an interest in exploring Hip Hop art forms, events and programs



Of youth became more aware of the community, mental health, arts-based and wellness resources available to them


Youth accessed free, weekly Hip Hop meets mental health programming



Of participants on average gained protective factors and employability skills



Of youth on average reported that the programs fostered inclusive spaces



Of youth on average reported improved resilience



Artists annually gained creative, business, mentorship & facilitation skills



Of emerging hip hop artists on Unity’s Roster reported developing peer and industry networks



Of artists reported increased confidence and resilience



Of artists reported that Unity’s training opportunities were applicable to their work both within and beyond Unity


I will always remember that there are people who can help me if I feel stressed or anxious. I will talk to people if I ever feel these things and will try to express myself through music and other forms of art. This week I learned so much and now feel like I have people who are there for me. Unity Week helped me to discover things about me, like who I am and who I'm feeling at this moment and I will definitely apply that to my life.”
— Inspire Program Participant
Learning to express my emotions through dance and look on the brighter side of things, the people at Unity have such good vibes and you can feel how they radiate positivity through the screen.”
— Inspire Program Participant
1st time feeling SO safe and welcome in a dance class. Learned not only the foundations of the style but more importantly more about myself as a dancer. SO much love and gratitude for Unity and this experience.”
— Engage Program Participant
I know if I was ever going through something that the workshop would always touch base on mental health and nurturing our mental health so I always feel safe.”
— Engage Program Participant
Positive space to grow with learning instead of feeling intimidated. Felt confident and creative.”
— Engage Program Participant
I find myself to be a better mentor and leader with the required knowledge to help the community and approach specific topics with confidence. The skills I’ve obtained can be carried to my desired career allowing me to open doors for other youth and participants.”
— Empower Program Participant
Unity has always been a special element in my life since I joined the team and each time we are in a space together I am at peace and leave with a stronger motivation and confidence in my choice of pursuing community work."
— Empower Program Participant
Community is everything. The more you invest into your art and people in the community you built the more you will grow within and be accepted as the person you are.”
— Empower Program Participant
I learned a lot about the business that I had no idea about before, it’s motivating because I feel like I have more knowledge about what I’m trying to achieve.”
— Empower Program Participant


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Our Partners

TD Ready Commitment
RBC Foundation
Ontario Trillium Foundation
Canada Council for the Arts
City of Toronto
Sun Life
Canada Life
Mackenzie Investments
Toronto Arts Council
Government of Canada
Amazon Music Canada
Catapult Canada

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