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Why Join The New Unity Artist Network?

October 26, 2023

The Unity Artist Network is designed to bring more meaningful creative and business development opportunities to emerging Hip Hop artists across Canada.

As a member of the Unity Artist Network, you will have access to:

1. Free in-person and virtual creative and business development workshops and panels

2. Free art form masterclasses

3. Free networking events

4. Paid performance and content creation opportunities

5. Community and cultural resources and supports such as exclusive communications about opportunities within and beyond Unity, and subsidized memberships to partnering arts service organizations

The Unity Artist Network also acts as a pathway toward mentor-led, experiential learning opportunities and further paid opportunities:

Artist-Led Events - A program series that will be delivered in venues across Toronto, Halifax, and Winnipeg between 2023 and 2025. The events will be planned and executed by Unity Artists, who will be provided with a discretionary budget, professional skills mentorship, and a supported working and planning environment where they will be able to bring their performance event-related ideas to life!

Unity Presented Artists – A rotating roster of emerging Hip Hop Artists who --gain access to specialized training, performance, development, production, mentorship, and networking opportunities that advance their artistic careers. Artists who become part of this network will gain skills and tools to engage with diverse audiences (e.g. through Q&As, talks, spotlights), develop complete portfolios (e.g. bios, professional headshots, promo package) and build creative employability skills (e.g. media training, public speaking) specific to their art forms, culminating in a paid showcase opportunity where they exercise their skills and knowledge.

Unity Artist Facilitators – Trained emerging Hip Hop Artists Educators in each region that are professionally trained in anti-oppression, liberation, facilitation, and community building frameworks, to inspire and engage under-resourced youth and communities across the country. These artists will gain vital on-the-job experience that is transferable to multiple career paths in the creative and/or community resource sectors. 

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